Our best-in-class affiliate program enables us to earn money by selling art prints together with you. With every order made by customers you refer to us, you will receive generous 30% of their total payment. We set 1-year cookies. So once you send customer to our site, you get your commission every time he pays within this term.

If you a website owner

Do you have a good website and want to increase your income? Or was your website not initially aimed at generating income, like a forum or blog, but you’d like to earn money from it by providing useful information about our store? Then let’s earn money together!

The key advantages of our affiliate program are:

1. From being an advertiser, who aims only to showing a banner as many times as possible, you become a full-fledged sales manager. This means that you become a full participant in the process of selling art prints, earning 30% of the total amount of order. Since the average price of single order is about $100, you will earn $30 for each order.

2. The usual advertising brings you an income based only on the traffic to your site. In our case, the traffic to your site is not important. The main thing is the interest and purchasing capacity of your audience. If 1000 people visit your site daily and an average of one becomes interested in prints and places an order, the average monthly income will be about $900.

3. We support payments through PayPal.

4. You can always contact us quickly and easily to solve your problem on an individual basis.

We always put honesty and integrity as our primary objective, we aim at ensuring that you get full value for your money. The better for you, the more beneficial for us.

In terms of obligations, we can only say one thing − we consider it our duty to pay you commissions. You owe us no obligations, you can remove our affiliate link from your website at any time.

If you a design studio

Of course, it is very convenient for you to show our website to customers so that they can select for themselves an art canvas print with the best options. And of course, we understand you do not want to do this free of charge. This is no problem − give our website link to your customers and get your deserved 30% from each of the orders placed by those customers.

This is convenient for you: you give a huge choice of different canvas prints to your customer and earn commissions.

It is convenient for the customer: he sees the usual prices of the store and works with the website’s full features.

Become a partner − it is easy and fast!

Registration will take a minute, and will generate profits for years. After registration you can login here.