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Holst is a project for retouching and printing old paintings. The project’s aim is to use digital retouching to recreate the original look of old artworks. This is definitely not an innovative idea, although painting restoration is a rather standard operation done by well-trained specialists, it is slow, costly, and lacks the level of discretion matched by a modern image editor.

The significant amount of time that has passed from the original creation of many paintings affects their color and brightness. This often makes it difficult to understand what a painting looked like in the moment it was created according to the artist’s vision. Holst’s goal is to use digital technology to repair the defects of age and alter an image’s brightness, contrast, and colors to better reflect the artist’s original creation.

Our store offers thousands of well-known paintings by famous artists. Modern printing technology enables us to create reproductions at an affordable price and superior quality. All of our art prints are available for printing on paper or canvas.

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When you buy a painting from Holst, you can rest assured that you are getting the highest quality art prints. Quality is our top priority!

● We print using 8-color HP Z6200 and Z6800 printers with pigment based inks, everything is 100% acid-free and fully archival. Holst doesn't use harmful solvent / ecosolvent or water-based (unstable) inks. We only use original ink and do not substitute it with cheap products. Original ink is more expensive, but the quality of our paintings is extremely important to us. That’s why our paintings are bright and durable.

● We use only genuine heavy-weight 410 g/m² canvas and 4 types of paper, excellent for fine art reproduction and avoid cheap lightweight substitutes.

● We stretch the canvas on durable 1.5" thick 'Tong and Groove' premium pine wood frames.

● We cover canvas with varnish. It makes colors deep and vibrant and provides additional protection against dust and fading.

● To enhance the realism of the art print on the canvas even more, texture gel may be applied. The reproduction will be even less distinguishable from the original picture painted by the artist.


We usualy take around 10 working days to finalize the production of your creations. Once the product is shipped, you will get the notification by email. And we will ship from Monday to Friday. Then you can receive your product within 11 to 13 days.

We offer FREE shipping to anywhere in the United States and Canada.


Holst strives for 100% customer satisfaction. We do promise you will be satisfied with the results, if not, we will refund you. The refund process involve the full value of the print, except the shipping fees, once you send us the canvas back (within 30 days you got the product), we will refund within 24-48 working hours. 

If you would like to purchase multi panel prints for modern interior decorating that are printed on canvas or acrylic and mounted onto a stretcher, they are available at our affiliate website Miracle Canvas

For more information, you can contact us at [email protected] or call 1-800-650-5301.

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